John Ewart

I currently work at Goodreads building data services to help over 30 million readers manage their books and find their next great book. I've spent over a decade building software for systems ranging from tiny 8-bit microcontrollers to scalable, highly available distributed systems that deploy software to hundreds of thousands of hosts.


I am the author of a few books:

Sometimes I write about things I am working on or have learned


I have taught courses at the University of California, Merced, Columbia Community College in beautiful Columbia, CA as well as California State University, Stanislaus on subjects including data structures and algorithms, big data analysis, machine organization and operating systems development.


I do a lot of programming in Ruby, Python, Java, Scala, C, C++, C# and (most recently) Erlang and Go; I have also been known to do some data analysis with R.

I like to share the things I build


I am the maintainer of a few projects, including the following:

Additionally, I have made major contributions to a number of popular open source tools:


I like to take photographs, below are some recently taken ones.