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Things that I'm grateful for

Clearly I haven’t written anything this year; to be honest, like many of us, I have mostly been trying to navigate the weirdness that has been this year. This has been hard for all of us, but I can say that I’ve been really lucky for a lot of things, so I’m going to finish off the year with listing those things …

Having a family that gets along

Seriously, I thought we would all go insane but it turns out that (for the most part) we all like each other. Sure being trapped in the same house for the past nine months has had its fair share of challenges but overall it’s actually provided us with a lot of much-needed breaks; less time spent being busy driving to all sorts of events, spending more time together, even being required to play home-school teachers has been mostly positive.

A team of awesome people

This year has made working together as a team challenging at times; the stress of the pandemic has had different effects on all of us. That being said, everyone at work is an amazing human being who is doing the best that they can with what we are currently dealing with. I can confidently say that I love our team and our ability to support each other through this really weird time while still building a great product!

Working from home is the norm

As a remote team, working from home is the norm; we are all remote and, as such, used to working from home. It means I don’t need to stress about “not being at the office” or missing out on normal company interaction since we already do all of our work asynchronously. When my kids need something I don’t need to take time off or travel to/from work, it just fits into my day.

Three awesome dogs

This one goes without saying – I love dogs and having three of them poses its own set of challenges but having them has been almost therapeutic. To them this is just like any other day and so it helps to keep things feeling a bit more normal when we have to feed, walk and play with them. Plus two of them are nice foot warmers when it’s cold outside!